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M&M Music Concepts Australia


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ROBERT VOGRIN .. Multi-award winning Singer, Songwriter and Entertainer. Founder of the I.S.C. Group (Independent Singing Coach Group). Invited to compete in the Queensland 'Champion of Champions' competition several times. Has currently released 3 albums including a full instrumental album and 'single'. Executive producer of M&M Music Concepts.


DAVID BURMINGHAM .. Songwriter, Actor and Vocalist David Burminham has been entertaining crowds and writing songs for many years. His vocal aptitude is brilliant and his songwriting skills are second to none. In recent times David's projects have included tribute songs for the Brisbane Lions Football team and Peter Brocks 'King Of The Mountain'.


LINDA STREET .. A woman with an exceptional voice and talent. Linda is an experienced singer and entertainer who has won a multitude of awards. She has been involved with a number of bands throughout the years and can sing almost any style of music you wish to here. At the moment she is working on her first 'Single' country release.


DEB BODY .. Multi-award winning vocalist and instrumentalist. With her Bachelor of Music Degree Deb has been teaching now for several years in schools and privately. She is a specialist percussion teacher, but is well renowned as a multi-instrumentalist. She has currently released her own single (a song written specially for her) titled "If All The Stars Were Diamonds".


ADINE HARDCASTLE .. A young lady with a magnificent voice. Adines' capabilities far exceed her expectations. This girl has a golden voice as well as a remarkable talent as a song writer. She is currently working on her first album which we're hoping to be released soon.

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