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M&M Music Concepts Australia


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You name it...                  We can write it...
Songwriting for artists (known & unknown); Jingle writing for radio and Television; Backing music for film and play productions; Musical compositions for lyricists as well as Tribute and event songs for all occasions.

ROBERT VOGRIN has been writing songs for the past 21 years personally, and commercially since 1999. His songwriting ability spans various styles that include pop, jazz, country, rock, swing, rap, dance, gospel, 50's style RNR and blues just to name a few.

To create a song, he believes you must have a bond with the subject you are writing about, whether you are related to the topic, interested in the topic or have knowledge about the topic. Over the past 2 decades he has written over 60 songs and released 43 to date.

Some songwriters are not composers! But in Roberts case he writes, composes and produces all his music right from scratch.

At the present, Robert is working on his latest album, but has found time to team up with writer and producer, David Burmingham, to help unknown artists achieve their goals in the music industry.


DAVID BURMINGHAM has been writing, composing and producing songs for years. Whether pop, dance, R & B, rap and rock, country, children's or even novelty songs and jingles. His songwriting ability is second to none.

He has personally performed live in front of audiences in excess of 1500 people and has been on National Television on a number of occasions.

He has written a number of songs which have been donated to charity organizations and also has had some songs considered for release by various artist around the world.

More recently along with his personal projects, David has teamed up with M&M Music Concepts, writer and producer, Robert Vogrin, with the hope of helping unknown artists get there chance to strut their stuff, by giving them an avenue by which they can achieve their musical goals.

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