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Robert Vogrin

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[ Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician/ Entertainer ]

Music has been a part of Roberts' life since he was a small boy. Born in Port Kembla, NSW he spent most of his younger life living in Tamworth. His first performance in front of a crowd was when he was 8 years old, playing guitar and singing an old country song.

As he grew older so did his love for music and he was encouraged, very much so by his mum and dad to pursue his goals and dreams. He started off playing guitar, both electric and acoustic, then over the years delved into playing other instruments which included the Bass Guitar, Keyboard and Piano.

He moved around a fair bit, so his experience and influences varied, which made him appreciate all types and styles of music, and in turn made his own capabilities excel. He traveled from Sydney to Tamworth, then Brisbane and way out west to a town called Quilpie, then up to Darwin. But that wasn't it, from Darwin he took a huge leap and moved overseas to New Zealand where he spent 9 years, from age 14 to 22, before deciding to return back to Australia. In New Zealand however, his musical experience was utilized in several Country Music Clubs, as well as 3 working cover bands. He was also privileged enough to be part of a Queen of NZ Country Platinum Concert back in 1984.

After returning back to Australia, he had decided to keep his music going and started a two piece Duo (Yahoo & Serious). Doing local gigs around the Sunshine Coast area at various clubs, pubs and restaurants. Several years had past, the death of his parents took its toll both physically and musically on him, and because they were such a big part of his musical life it seemed that when they died so did the music.

But as it happened, something good came out of something bad, and he was fortunate enough to meet up with a lovely young lady named Deb Body.. who has been a great inspiration to him over the last few years and there is no doubt that his achievements up to date would never have come about without her by his side.

At this point in time he has just finished recording his first 'purely' country album "SINGING COUNTRY AGAIN" and has been busy promoting it through a series of guest appearances at various Country Music Clubs around south east Queensland. To date he would have written 43 songs, including an instrumental album filled with great easy listening tunes.

Apart from his own personal projects, Robert also work closely with David Burmingham (RAGING BULL RECORDS) on various projects that have included the recently released tribute song to commemorate the comeback race of PETER BROCK, entitled "King Of The Mountain", prior to which he and David had just completed the tribute song for the BRISBANE LIONS FOOTBALL CLUB, entitled "Back 2 Back (Lions 2002)". Projects that are ahead of them include a song for PAT RAFTER and submissions for the title track in the new GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE 2 motion picture.

Robert is apt at writing in various styles, which include not only Country, but Pop, Dance, Reggae, Jazzy Swing etc and he feels music is an expression of oneself, and the projection of a piece of music is just as important as the music itself. Currently he is working on his 4th album, which should be ready to release at the beginning of next year (early January). This album will encompass his ability as a pop singer/songwriter and hopefully generate a wider audience of listeners.