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M&M Music Concepts Australia
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Recording Facilities
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M&M Music Studios are located on the Gold Coast, Australia. We have been established for 4 years and have gained the interest of many different artists for recording their own original songs and compositions.


One of the first questions a singer asks is, Q. Why do I have to sing in a little tiny booth or small space with baffles around? A. The answer is simply, you don't have to! If the main room is designed properly there is no need to have the singer isolated, and in doing so makes for a better more relaxed atmosphere when recording. We like the singer to feel as if they are part of the project and not just there to sing. Q. Are some studios better than others for recording vocals? A. The studio itself has little to do with it, more so it is the engineer and/or producer. Many uninspiring results have come from megabucks studios and some real gems from the smaller project studios. It's the people involved rather than the place or fancy equipment, that make the difference. Q. What should a singer be looking for in a studio? A. That the engineer or producer has a musical ear! It doesn't matter how good you can turn the knobs, if you can't help a singer get the best performance, you are wasting your time. Q. What questions should a singer ask to find out if the engineer/producer knows his/her business? A. The best answer a studio engineer/producer can give is to play you some samples of projects he/she has personally done.



What now?.. Firstly, you really should request a sample CD of some of the songs that have been produced from M&M Music Studios despite all the information supplied, you should make sure that you are satisfied with the quality of work we produce, so you can feel at ease and know within yourself that when you record with us, you too will have the same high standard in quality we offer. Once you have done that, and you are satisfied with our workmanship then call 07-5563-3810 and ask for Robert, or send an e-mail telling us you have read through this information and would like to take the next step. Unless we have heard your music before, we will inevitably ask for a tape of your music. The quality is not important, but you best be advised to get the tape up to us quickly. Our production staff will listen to it within a day or two of getting it. We will then email you and offer our thoughts and ideas.


Assuming it shows potential, we will tell you what dates and times are available and organize a recording schedule. Once booked in, well need a deposit. Until this is received, the dates cannot be confirmed. If you decide to cancel, your deposit will not be refunded. This may seem harsh, but because we usually have no shortage of artists wanting to take this offer up, it is important for us to sort out the serious ones from the dreamers.

We have in-house advisors who have advised many record companies, film companies, artists and other talent in the entertainment industry, who are more than approapriately qualified and experienced to help give you the greatest possible chance to suceed.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in the music industry, but there is one thing for certain, a good quality master CD, demo or single that looks and sounds great, coupled with the right advice, can be the difference between being heard or just put on the shelf.

We pride ourselves in producing a high quality end product complete with artwork and design. The idea is simple to help new artists, help themselves by having a product they can approach record companies with directly, with a better chance of landing that hard-earned recording contact. We look for potential, not pizzazz. We try to hear the golden talent behind badly recorded demo tapes (something record companies no longer do) then give the artist the opportunity to finally do something that represents their BEST.

M&M Music Concepts is your first step towards your musical goals. We listen to your tapes or CD's and give you our honest (sometimes blunt) opinion. If you can't sing, you can't sing and we will tell you straight out. If you have potential, but need some guidance, we can recommend an excellent singing coach to help you reach your goals. Record execs get too many tapes and not enough time to listen to them. M&M Music Concepts helps by listening to dozens of tapes every month, and selecting only the best for development, recording and promotion.

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