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Linda Street

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[ Singer/ Songwriter/ Entertainer ]

Born in New Zealand, LINDA showed a keen sense of vocal ability from birth. Her influences in music started at home as she grew up listening to great singers like Connie Francis, Helen Shapiro, The Everley Brothers and Roy Orbison. Eventually she started music lessons, first on piano, then singing. It was at this time she won the North Shore Championships, her first competition, by taking out the title "Champion of Champions". Although an extremely promising student, Linda was not happy singing just classical music, so she had stopped singing.

Fortunately moving to Australia in 1991 changed all that and Linda started Line Dancing to help out a nervous friend. A keen dancer with four left feet would be the best description for her beginnings in this field. She had one monumental problem, she kept getting distracted by the music! She loved the tunes, the words, the images, but kept forgetting the steps! So, she thought, "there is only one solution, learn the song, then I'll learn the dance". And so she did, and it worked. She not only learnt the whole repertoire of music, but her feet finally got in step with the same music.

By 1996, Linda had moved to the Gold Coast, where she became involved with the Country Music Club circuit, and it was there that she developed her taste in music and entertainment. She entered, and won, numerous competitions with both her singing and songwriting skills. One of her favorite wins, was beating the guys in a mixed 'Country Rock' competition with an awesome performance of Reba McEntire's "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter".

As an up and coming country artist, Linda opened Lee Kernaghan's show in 1999. Various guest spots on other shows led to an introduction to Terry Francis and Errol Cross, a duo working under the name "BEATS WORKING". Both experienced musicians looking for a Trio partner. This being a covers band, Linda had to step out of her country roots and into the realm of pop, disco and rock 'n' roll. A journey she has both enjoyed and excelled in. "BEATS WORKING" entertains crowds regularly at venues all over the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Along with her entertainment pursuits, Linda's solo career has lead her to produce a 10 track CD consisting of mainly cover songs, but also included three(3) original songs written by Natalie Howard (from the Gold Coast), Tim Norton (from Nashville US) and with the added influential ideas from Linda, made for brilliant songs. In fact the title track "I'm Ready" was actually the 3rd track inspired by the failed songwriting team and the survival song of the trio. The upbeat, outgoing nature of the song made it the perfect choice as the title track. "Not Now" is the break-up song, a ballad and the song "Touch Me" was inspired by the romantic dance scene in the movie 'Hope Floats', when Harry Connick Jnr takes Sandra Bullock in his arms and dances with her.

Linda is a well rounded singer, songwriter and entertainer, and is comfortable on stage as a solo artist, with a band or even in a choir. Her recent impersonation as "Elvis" in a show commemorating the 25th Anniversary of his passing was inspiring. Whether she's belting out a rock number or wooing audiences with a ballad, pop, disco or country song, Linda loves them all, as her live performances show.