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David Burmingham

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DAVID GEORGE PETER BURMINGHAM... Born in Manchester, England and now residing permanently in Australia, David has been involved in many aspects of business and the entertainment industry, in a number of territories, and over a number of years.

As a qualified Chartered Accountant, he has operated his own consulting practice advising clients ranging from public companies to small business and individuals and, in particular, the entertainment industry, in both Australia and overseas, on matters covering general compliance, corporate structuring, financing, taxation, marketing, advertising, merchandising and cross promotion for films, music and industry people generally. He has therefore been involved in all aspects of the business side of the industry.

Together with the above, he has also been writing, composing and producing songs ranging from Pop, Dance, R & B, Rap and Rock, to Country, Childrens, Novelty, Sports and Jingles, for over 20 years. In that time he also founded the record label, RAGING BULL RECORDS, through which he launched THE UNSUNG HEROES, who have successfully released various sporting and tribute songs in Australia (which he also composed and produced), including "GIVE EM SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT" (Adelaide Crows F.C.), "GARY ABLETT (Spells TROUBLE)", "YOURE THE GREATEST PLAYER IN THE LAND" (Mal Meninga) "I'M REX HUNT, YOURE NOT", "DOIN IT AGAIN" (A Tribute to Mick Doohan), "WE SALUTE YOU LAURIE DALEY" and "KING OF THE MOUNTAIN" (Peter Brock), as well as "AND THE REDS GO MARCHING ON" and "AU REVIOUR CANTONA" (Manchester United - UK), "BACK TO BACK" (Denver Broncos USA & subsequently licensed for numerous other clubs including Brisbane Lions), the "MAN UNITED DOWN UNDER" CD which was used for the entertainment at the games of the 1999 Australian Tour, and are in the process of compiling various albums for which there is already interest to distribute.

He has personally performed live before audiences of over 1500 people and has performed on national television numerous occasions. In 1996 he was invited to join THE BANANA BLENDERS (World #1 Barbershop Group) and he is currently in the process of recording his own album.

He has written songs for television and film in Australia and overseas, has written material for various productions and events in the U.S.A. and Europe, and has been requested to submit material for a South American record and television production company. He has also written a number of songs which he has donated to charity organizations, and has songs being considered for release by various artists in various territories around the world, as well as by numerous major film production companies in USA and UK.

In addition to the above, he has also been nominated for, and been a finalist in, various music industry awards, including THE SOUTH PACIFIC SONG CONTEST (International) (Pop/Dance), THE UNISONG CONTEST (USA - International) (Gospel/Christian and World/Reggae), THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL SONG AWARDS (Pop/Dance), THE JOHNNY DENNIS MUSIC AWARDS (Movie Themes) and THE GOLD COAST MUSIC AWARDS (Jingles/Themes) and was also asked by the NAACP to nominate in their IMAGE AWARDS (USA). Due to his extensive background in entertainment, he has also subsequently acted as a consultant, A & R and Public Relations representative for some of these awards, as well as for industry groups and writers associations.

He has worked as an actor, commencing his career at Warner Bros. Movie World as an Actor/Attraction Presenter, and has since worked on Films and Television Productions, as well as TV Commercials and Corporate Videos. He has also successfully completed an Intensive Acting Course for Film and Television at The Queensland Screen Performance Academy, was granted a Scholarship in Voice Production and Acting at The Queensland College of Arts and Entertainment, and has completed other short courses/workshops. He has also personally worked as both a photographic and catwalk model for a wide range of clients.

He personally does comparing, radio, spruiking and voice-overs, including the following character voices: Paul Keating, Bob Hawke, Gough Whitlam, John Elliot, Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson, John Laws, Dame Edna Everage, John-Micheal Howson, W.C. Fields, Jack Nicholson, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, David Attenborough, Maxwell Smart, "Kramer", The Marx Bros, Mr. Ed, Bugs Bunny, Elma Fudd, Yogi Bear, Kit Kat Cat, Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, Tom Jones, Dean Martin, Richie Benaud, Bill Lawrie, Darrell Eastlake and Rex Hunt; and accents including: American (various dialects), English (various dialects), Scottish, Irish, European and Rastafarian.

Furthermore, he has managed entertainers and talent, has directed stage and dance productions, and conceived theme nights at various venues, as well as handled all required production, artwork and promotional material, and has also co-ordinated talent for various productions, song festivals, photographic shoots, television commercials and themed shows.