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Adine Hardcastle

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[ Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician ]

Adine Hardcastle, a bright up and coming singing sensation. By the time she was eight years old Adine had started singing at school, and hasn't been able to stop ever since.

She started writing her own lyrics when she was about 10 years old and had been part of a singing group at the Johnny Young Talent School, doing shows at Japanese weddings, and also at shopping centres at Christmas time.

Over the years Adine has entered many talent quests recieving many 'Encouragement Awards'.

At grade 7, she wrote the lyrics for both the school Canberra trip and Graduation songs. At that time her school music teacher composed the music and played it. Singing at the graduation helped to open a door to the musical departments of Southport State High School, on the Gold Coast. During her second week there she already had made such an impact that she was asked to perform in the musical, 'Godspell'', which was held at the Gold Coast Arts Centre, one of the major performing arts venues on the Gold Coast.

During her first year at Southport High, Adine performed many times at many different events which included promotions at Major Shopping Centres, Prison Farms as well as school Smart Arts evenings and Award nights.

The following years would see Adine appearing in alot of 'lead' singing roles at various venues including the schools own 'Musical Theatre Restaurant'. Her singing repitior included famous songs such as, "I Know Him So Well", "Goodmorning Star Shine", and "Everything's Alright". Performing at Gala evenings, Conrad Jupiter's Casino, Peace Day celebrations and Anzac Day parades her confidence grew as did her talent and it was at this time that she started, not only writing songs but recorded them as well. As her talent grew so did her musical skills and by this time Adine was a very capable keyboard player as well as flute and viola.

Adine has dedicated her life to the Salvation Army and has been part of the Praise and Worship Group, which performed Christian type rock songs. She also had performed with a group called "Unlimited", a group of six girls who sing, play instruments and dance. In the year 2000 Unlimited came second in the gospel Eisteddfod and Adine as a soloist achieved 2nd place at the Tropicarnival Eisteddfod competing in the 'Junior Pop Solo' section.

Scripture Union Queensland has played a big part in the production of Adines' recordings and songs over the past few years and has helped her express herself artistically. She has also attended various vocal coaching centres in the past but remarks that "the best way to learn to sing is through hands (voice) on experience, which I have had the privilege and absolute pleasure of doing".